BAULIDER MD is a company that will do your repairs, regardless of whether it’s a building or a home. Our experienced team will always be at your disposal, from the first non-mandatory consultation until the completion of the works.

As your installer we plan and build the real oases of peace for you, beauty in your bathrooms. We design and build innovative heating systems that keep your home comfortably warm while minimizing energy consumption. The performance and implementation of the services of building and installing your interior installations in accordance with your requirements is monitored by our construction management as well as project management. This provides a smooth process that includes all the necessary project participants and parts of the project. Works during construction and installation are monitored by our professional technician on site.

We offer you following:

• flooring works
• tiling
• installation of heating and heating bodies
• installation of bathroom furniture (changing doors and windows)
• installation of pipelines for gas, water and heating
• installation of modern, energy efficient heating technology
• alarm for problem in heating and pipe breakage
• general planning
• measuring objects and creating a plan
• removal of tiles and substrates
• painting
• dry construction and finishing works