Whether it is an artwork in stucco, modern facade and insulation, plaster cast inside or outside, dry construction, sound insulation, renovation of the old building or restoration, to the thermographic analysis, our qualified stuff makes your ideas and wishes true.

BAULIDER’s dry construction includes spatially limiting expansion structures for walls, ceilings and floors that are installs or processed in dry construction. The entire spectrum includes the covering of ceilings and suspended ceilings in planers, articular or curved, without fugue or elementary work through the processing of the wall coverings, up to separate or prefabricated walls with one or more formwork, as well as construction of a heat, cold, flammable or protection against UV rays, in each construction it allows the performer a large amount of free design. Long-standing partnerships with plaster industries and sound quality institutes provide us with a wide range of knowledge and experience.

– Individual special solutions related to objects
– Long experience in dry construction
– Own construction of a dry-cleaner a
– Wide range of knowledge about meeting high and tough constructional requirements
– High level of free design
– Long-standing partnership with plaster industries and sound quality institutes